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Unidesk Files Desktop Virtualization Patent on CacheCloud Image Delivery Technology

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Second Patent-Pending Innovation Key to Solving Virtual Desktop Storage, Personalization, Management, and Off-Line Use Challenges

Marlborough, MA -- Unidesk, the leading innovator of virtual desktop management software, today announced the filing of its second patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Unidesk CacheCloud™ technology, the foundation of the company’s patent for a "Multi-User Managed Desktop Environment," securely and reliably delivers single instances of operating system images, applications, and user workspaces to thousands of virtual desktops across the enterprise, including hosted virtual desktops in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments and virtualized PCs and notebooks. CacheCloud will enable Unidesk to radically reduce VDI storage requirements, offer the personalization, off-line use, and mobility benefits needed to make end users eager participants in desktop virtualization projects, and dramatically simplify desktop provisioning, patching, and support for IT organizations.

"Unidesk CacheCloud is a powerful complement to our Composite Virtualization technology, and another proof point that we’re developing the most comprehensive platform for the management of virtual desktops," said Chris Midgley, Unidesk Founder and Chief Technology Officer. "Where Composite Virtualization protects our unique method of separating desktops into discrete containers that can be independently provisioned, patched, and dynamically recomposed, CacheCloud protects our unique way of storing, versioning, and delivering these containers. Both technologies are key to solving the storage CapEx, management OpEx, personalization, and off-line use challenges that are hindering desktop virtualization adoption."

Unidesk’s patent application consists of 38 distinct claims that describe CacheCloud, a system of virtual appliances – called CachePoints™ – that replicates operating system, application, and personalization containers across an enterprise network, delivering them to the edge where they are synthesized through Unidesk Composite Virtualization™ into rich, personal desktops. CacheCloud also ensures that all user customizations, including user-installed applications, profile changes, and work files are automatically migrated from VDI desktops and virtualized thick clients back to the data center for truly persistent personalization and transparent data protection.

CacheCloud image delivery technology offers:

  • Hypervisor and desktop virtualization flexibility – CacheCloud is designed to integrate with VDI desktops hosted on common server virtualization platforms such as VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, and Microsoft Hyper-V, and accessed through connection brokers such as Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View. CacheCloud will also integrate with client hypervisors to extend management to virtualized PCs and notebooks, enabling enterprises to mix and match virtualization infrastructures as well as desktop virtualization approaches;
  • Storage flexibility – CacheCloud requires no specialized storage, and works with existing direct-attached storage, SAN, and NAS investments;
  • Fault tolerance – CacheCloud’s grid architecture eliminates single points of failure and maximizes virtual desktop availability, as container delivery can be easily transferred between CachePoints in the event that one is unavailable;
  • Improved VDI performance and scalability – CacheCloud solves the "8AM boot storm problem" common in VDI environments by distributing desktop content and I/O across multiple CachePoints and multiple storage spindles;
  • Simpler management of PCs and notebooks – CachePoints running on client-side hypervisors will bring all of the operational cost benefits of VDI – including centralized, single image management and application delivery – to thick clients.
  • Off-line user support – Users will be able to access their completely personal desktops from any PC or notebook, even when disconnected from the network. Any changes made off-line will be automatically replicated through CacheCloud to the data center, without the need for manual check-in and check-out procedures.
  • Notebook and PC backup and recovery – CacheCloud will automatically replicate all user customizations, including user data, profile settings, and user-installed applications back to the data center, where they can be automatically protected using existing backup processes;
  • Notebook security – CacheCloud will enable automated destruction of sensitive applications and data on lost or stolen notebooks. User data and profile settings, however, will be protected, since CacheCloud automatically replicates personalization containers back to the data center.

Unidesk CacheCloud and Composite Virtualization technologies will be available later this year as part of the Unidesk virtual desktop management platform.

About Unidesk

Unidesk transforms enterprise desktops into low-cost, easy-to-manage computing resources for IT, and highly personal, productivity-enhancing tools for end users. By reducing the operational and capital costs of delivering, updating, and supporting VDI desktops hosted in data centers, as well as PCs and notebooks virtualized with client hypervisors, and by offering end users the richest possible desktop experience, Unidesk will become the management platform that helps desktop virtualization realize its full potential. Unidesk is a privately-held company with worldwide headquarters in Marlborough, MA USA. For more information, visit the virtual desktop management blog or

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