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VeriTainer Receives Its 5th Patent From US Patent Office

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

US Patent number 7,661,738 covers VeriTainer's proprietary shock absorption system

Fremont, CA -- Silicon Valley based VeriTainer Corporation, the world leader in crane mounted maritime security solutions, has received its fifth patent, and second in the last three months, based on its crane mounted scanning product, the VeriSpreader. The "738" patent covers the shock absorption system used to isolate the gamma and neutron detectors embedded within the VeriSpreader System.

"It was originally thought that crane mounted scanning was not feasible due to the high shock environment on the crane and the impact that would have on the laboratory equipment needed to perform spectroscopic analysis," said John Alioto, CEO of VeriTainer. "Through trials extending over two years, at three ports and five different terminals, VeriTainer has demonstrated conclusively that this is not the case," Alioto went on to say.

The '738 patent is the fifth to be issued to the VeriTainer Corporation since the company was founded in 2003. In addition to utilizing the '738 technology in the VeriSpreader, the Company may license the technology for other complementary applications.

"This technology allows for high-performance shock mounting in a compact radiation detection unit. The VeriSpreader has run for nearly two years at several different ports with no detector failures," said Matthew Alioto, VP of Technology and inventor of the '738 patent. "This port-tested technology has been proven in the field."

About VeriTainer

VeriTainer Corporation is a venture-backed leader in crane-based radiation detection technology for scanning of shipping containers to ensure that the world's ports are free from nuclear terrorism. VeriTainer's patented technology enables scanning of 100 percent of shipping containers, addressing a principal vulnerability of the world's population centers and allowing for rapid scanning of containers entering and exiting ports without disrupting the flow of commerce.

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