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IntelliNet Technologies Awarded Key Mobile Data Offload Patent

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Innovation Enables Wi-Fi Connection to Multiple Mobile Operators

Melbourne, FL -- IntelliNet Technologies, a leading provider of data offload solutions, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded the company a critical technology patent for mobile data offload. The new patent augments IntelliNet’s technology portfolio and was included in the technology gained in the acquisition of Azaire Networks in 2008.

Mobile Cellular Network Selection from Wireless LAN (patent number 7,650,428) is fundamental to Wi-Fi data offload as it enables wireless subscribers to select from multiple Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) when connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots such as hotels, airports or coffee shops. This allows the transparent establishment of data sessions to a Wi-Fi network using the subscriber’s preferred carrier or roaming partner. A subscriber utilizing a smartphone or laptop with both a cellular and a Wi-Fi interface can seamlessly transfer a data session from the cellular network to the Wi-Fi network while maintaining the connection to the subscriber’s network operator. This gives the subscriber simplified access to less congested data networks, while the data session is offloaded from the limited bandwidth of the mobile network.

"Mobile data offload is becoming a serious topic since data traffic has soared as smartphone use and real-time entertainment has taken off," said Anjan Ghosal, CEO of IntelliNet Technologies. "Heavy data usage has put a burden on the finite bandwidth resources within the 3G networks. Offloading data traffic onto abundant Wi-Fi networks and using the Internet as the backhaul is a practical solution for addressing this problem."

IntelliNet Technologies offers a portfolio of data offload solutions. These include the Interworking WLAN (IWLAN) server which can support the 3GPP modes of a Tunneling Terminating Gateway (TTG) and Packet Data Gateway (PDG). IntelliNet also provides the interworking elements for supporting authentication with its AAA Server. The IWLAN set includes a Voice Call Continuity Server for supporting voice applications. IntelliNet also enables offload through femtocells with its Femtocell Gateway. Both solutions are available on an Advanced TCA platform and can also be hosted on an OEM platform.

"IntelliNet’s IWLAN mobile data offload solutions have already been deployed by two major network operators, one in Europe and one in Asia and we just received another order for a South American operator, which we will install in March," added Mr. Ghosal.

About IntelliNet Technologies

IntelliNet Technologies is a global leader in wireless broadband convergence technology and data offload solutions for accelerating the deployment of new applications and services in mobile operator networks. Our core convergence and data offload solutions include the femtocell gateway, IWLAN gateway and security gateway. We work with leading telecom network equipment providers and mobile operators to deliver high performance solutions customized for their needs. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida IntelliNet solutions shorten time-to-market, reduce costs, increase flexibility and minimize risk. IntelliNet is a member of the Femto Forum. For more information please visit

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