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Live Streaming Patent Awarded to ICOP

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lenexa, KS -- ICOP Digital, Inc. (Nasdaq: ICOP), an industry-leading company engaged in advancing digital surveillance technology solutions, today announced that on March 16, 2010, ICOP was issued patent number US 7,680,947 B2 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office for a technology used in their live streaming application, ICOP LIVE™. This important differentiating technology provides the delivery of real-time situational awareness, for mobile video and audio, to first responders.

Specifically, the patent is directed to an apparatus for sharing and communication of video and other surveillance related multimedia data by live streaming of video and other data from an emergency response unit to a variety of devices and other emergency response units. Multimedia data is wirelessly disseminated from a first response patrol car, or similar emergency response unit, to any number of playback devices on a digital network.

ICOP LIVE™, developed by ICOP Digital, Inc., has implemented this system and method. The leader of the development team, and the inventor of the technology covered by this patent application, was David H. Nicholl, Director of Research & Product Development for ICOP.

"We are extremely pleased with this patent award as we believe the live streaming of critical data in the case of an emergency has become more and more of a deciding factor for agencies purchasing in-car video equipment, and we have seen the market begin embracing this functionality as a must for the total mobile video solution," said David Owen, Chairman and CEO for ICOP.

The ICOP LIVE functionality is an indispensable tool for agencies to use for situational awareness, tactical oversight, and interagency interoperability. ICOP LIVE is able to deliver real-time situational awareness to an unlimited number of simultaneous viewers. Agencies will be able to more effectively assess a situation remotely, and take appropriate action including deploying proper resources for the incident. Senior command will also be able to provide tactical oversight of events sooner, both remotely and while en route, with the addition of ICOP LIVE on scene video and audio. When a major event occurs, such as a traffic accident involving a chemical spill, the police agency can provide the ICOP LIVE video stream to all other agencies involved enabling a faster and safer resolution to the crisis.

Also, ICOP LIVE helps enforce one of ICOP's core foundations of improving officer safety. When video is streamed back to headquarters with ICOP LIVE, the officers involved in the event are safer because they do not have the distraction of providing detailed audio narratives back to headquarters and can concentrate all of their efforts in accomplishing their mission at hand.

About ICOP Digital, Inc.

ICOP Digital, Inc. (Nasdaq: ICOP) is a leading provider of mobile video solutions (i.e. in-car video) for Law Enforcement, Military, and Homeland Security markets, worldwide. ICOP solutions help the public and private sectors mitigate risks, reduce losses, and improve security through the live streaming, capture and secure management of high quality video and audio.

Forward-Looking Statements

This document contains forward-looking statements. You should not rely too heavily on forward-looking statements because they are subject to uncertainties and factors relating to our operations and business environment, all of which are difficult to predict and many of which are beyond our control. The Company may experience significant fluctuations in future operating results due to a number of economic, competitive, and other factors, including, among other things, our reliance on third-party manufacturers and suppliers, government agency budgetary and political constraints, new or increased competition, changes in market demand, and the performance or reliability of our products. This, plus other uncertainties and factors described in our most-recent annual report and our most-recent prospectus filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, could materially affect the Company and our operations. These documents are available electronically without charge at

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