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Sixth U.S. Patent Issued to Jumptap in Eleven Months

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Intellectual Property Portfolio Advances Reflect Mobile Advertising and Commerce Innovation and Leadership

Cambridge, MA -- Jumptap, the leading mobile advertising provider and the largest independent mobile ad network, today announced that it was awarded Patent No. 7,702,318 by the United States Patent Office on April 20, 2010.

The patent relates to a computer-implemented method for positioning targeted sponsored content on a mobile communication facility, the method comprising the steps of:

  • receiving data corresponding to a transaction event having occurred via the interaction of a user with the mobile communication facility, wherein the transaction event includes transmission of data representative of a first product or a first service being purchased by the user;

  • selecting advertising content based at least upon a relevance between a second product or a second service offered in the advertising content and the purchased first product or first service in the transaction event, wherein the relevance is further based on information relating to compatibility of the advertising content, second product, or second service with the mobile communication facility; and

  • presenting the selected advertising content on a display of the mobile communication facility.

The patent is the sixth issued to Jumptap in less than eleven months. Starting on June 16, 2009, Jumptap has been issued five other patents, Numbers 7548915, 7577665, 7603360, 7660581, and 7676394. The company currently has over 70 published patent applications and anticipates receiving additional patents over the coming quarters. Jumptap works with the GTC Law Group, Webb Law Firm, and Strategic Patents, P.C. on its patent applications.

"From the onset, Jumptap made an unwavering commitment to mobile advertising innovation, which is strongly evidenced by our growing IP portfolio," stated Dan Olschwang, President and CEO of Jumptap. "With drive and ambition second to none, we set our sights on being the market leader. Our technology differentiation has helped secure that spot -- a sustainable position which we intend to hold for the long term."

ABI Research¹ recently reported that mobile online shopping is quickly approaching critical mass. These purchases can be defined as both online and physical world purchases. In the United States alone, mobile online shopping increased three-fold in one year, from $396 million in 2008 to $1.2 billion in 2009. European markets are experiencing similar growth. Noteworthy is Japan's mobile commerce total in excess of $10 billion in 2009 alone and with exponential growth anticipated. By 2015, shoppers around the world are expected to spend about $119 billion on goods and services purchased via mobile phones.

"Mobile advertising will be the largest influencer of consumer purchases made from mobile devices both online and in physical stores," added Jorey Ramer, Jumptap Founder, Vice President of Corporate Development and a named inventor on the patent. "Mobile is the most effective channel for reaching and engaging consumers, requiring advertisers to demand sophisticated mobile advertising solutions in order to realize the highest returns on their marketing investments. Jumptap invests heavily in developing the technology that delivers the superior capabilities necessary to optimize the entire advertising experience -- from reaching the right audience through to purchase."

¹Abi Research, Shopping by Mobile Will Grow to $119 Billion in 2015, Press Release, February 16, 2010

About Jumptap

Jumptap operates the largest independent premium mobile advertising network in North America, offering the largest unique user footprint with a penetration of approximately 55 million unique visits a month in the U.S. alone. Jumptap leverages its highly advanced algorithmic engine and unique IP to deliver the best ROI for advertisers and the highest monetization for publishers. The result is a network of mobile websites and applications that combine best-in-class content and services together with highly relevant advertising to create an experience that appeals to the mobile consumer. Flexible solutions offer both fixed CPM and bidded CPC campaigns. For more information, visit or follow us on

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