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Medversantís AutoVerifi (US Patent 7,529,682) Raises the Stakes in Provider Data Management

Monday, May 03, 2010

Breakthrough technology transforms healthcare safety, mitigates waste, fraud, and abuse

Los Angeles, CA -- At any given time, an unlicensed or sanctioned physician, nurse, provider or staffer is delivering patient care in the US due to the prevalence of now antiquated methods of credentialing, advises Medversant, the nation’s leader in integrated provider data management and primary source verification. Medversant’s AutoVerifi™technology (US Patent 7,529,682) automatically and continuously credentials providers in real time, diminishing risks to patients and decreasing fraud, waste and abuse in the healthcare industry.

AutoVerifi™ utilizes a patented technology that can continuously check licenses, records from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and other sources. AutoVerifi™ is deployed at multiple health plans and hospitals throughout the country, as well as numerous government entities such as the States of Michigan and Washington.

“Remarkably, credentialing of providers in the US is required only once every two or three years, utilizing manual paper-intensive processes with questionable quality and with standards that have been largely unchanged in 50 years,” says Matthew Haddad, president and CEO of Medversant. “In the past, more frequent credentialing was impractical because of the labor necessary to verify hundreds or thousands of providers. But technological breakthroughs have made continuous credentialing in real time a reality.”

Haddad continues, “The rules have changed. We don’t have to tolerate even one unlicensed healthcare provider in our health system.

He says that thanks to AutoVerifi™, provider monitoring is not simply a once-in-a-while check of licenses, adding, “Now, organizations can cost effectively and continuously verify a wide range of information regarding each and every staff member, improving patient safety, minimizing legal liability, and putting an end to waste, fraud and abuse.”

Dwayne Gathers of Gathers Strategies, an industry consultant, points out that healthcare executives sometimes ignore such capability at the peril of their patients and their organizations, advising, “The choice is clear: spend a few dollars a year per practitioner to protect your patients or face harsh legal consequences, and other problems. Failure to screen practitioners in real time will soon take a bite out of revenues.”

Government and private payors are now testing AutoVerifi™ to screen claims prior to payment since a hospital or other facility that has practitioners with issues can be denied payment.

“This revolutionary approach for credentialing providers represents real reform at a time when all parties are seeking ways to streamline the healthcare system,” states Gathers. “There isn’t room in our system for even one unlicensed or fraudulent healthcare professional, and now we have the technology to stop them in their tracks. Let’s say farewell to the horror stories reported in the media about questionable providers harming or injuring patients.”

About Medversant

Medversant Technologies, LLC is the nation’s leading provider of continuously monitored Web-based credentials verification solutions through patented AutoVerifi™ technology (U.S. Patent 7,529,682) for hospitals, health insurance plans, nursing homes, outpatient centers and other healthcare settings. Medversant provides a software tool that is highly efficient, cost-effective and an accurate solution for provider database management. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., Medversant can be reached at (213) 291-6139 or

About Gathers Strategies, Inc.

Gathers Strategies, Inc. is a business development consulting practice, based in Los Angeles, California, with a health care solutions practice area focused on assessing and advocating effective risk management strategies to private and public health care clients. Contact: or 213.291.6199.

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