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Algebraix Data Awarded Patent for Breakthrough in Data Management

Monday, May 24, 2010

San Diego, CA -- Algebraix Data Corporation today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded the company patent number 7,720,806 for its systems and methods in storing and accessing data. The patent covers applications of an innovative algebra that enable the company’s A2DB (Advanced Analytic Database) to query data in any logical format. Specifically the patent includes Algebraix’s methods for representing relationships between data sets in algebraic terms regardless of their disparate physical location on hard disks or file formats. This allows Algebraix’s A2DB software to query data sets stored in any common logical format, including comma separated value (CSV), binary-string encoding (BSTR), fixed-offset (FIXED), type-encoded data (TED) and XML formats.

The patent also includes the company’s methods for using algebra in the automatically calculated optimization of data storage and access. The methods for accessing data include employing two or more computer-generated algebraic relations to determine the most economical way to access data for user queries based on the data’s location, format, and available bandwidth for data transfers among other factors. Computer-generated algebraic relations are also used to create logical equivalents of query results which enable continual real-time reductions in the execution time of repeated queries. By creating functional, algebraic relations on top of data sets, these methods enable optimal storage and access performance for any data format or location.

“We are proud that the application of our innovative math continues to be validated for additional patents,” said Charlie Silver, CEO of Algebraix Data. “We look forward to continuing to apply our algebra to solving the biggest problems in data management.”

Algebraix’s newly awarded patent also features the possibility of out-of-the-box software programming for processors, memory and hard disks that would optimize hardware performance for the systems and methods described in the patent.

About Algebraix Data Corporation

Founded in 2004, Algebraix Data Corporation’s patented data-management software promises to disrupt the entire BI complex. Its A2DB advanced analytic database enables real-time data access, eliminates manual performance tuning and runs on affordable commodity hardware. The consequent boost in simplicity, performance and value represent a breakthrough not seen since the relational database was first introduced. For more information, visit:

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