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Hafendorfer Machine, Inc. Announces Patent on Thermo Break Design for Window and Door Buck Systems

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Louisville, KY -- A new patent pending window buck system sets the standard for innovative design for window and door buck systems used in commercial Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) construction. The Thermal Buck System by Hafendorfer Machine, Inc. (HMI), a one of a kind patented thermo break design, reduces energy loss in any environment for the life of the building. The framing locks into the concrete with perforated steel tracking, which eliminates on-site labor and material with pre-delivery, pre-concrete pour shoring. This totally secured and assembled product produces a safer and more durable buck system. Made from recyclable material, the HMI buck is a "Green" product in more ways than just its thermo break design.

"This product raises the bar in ICF window and door frame bucks utilizing state of the art fabrication equipment from all over the world. These unique products give the ICF industry an additional reason to be selected as the material of choice by anyone concerned about energy efficiency," said Jim Hafendorfer, president of Hafendorfer Machine, Inc.

Architects and end users will appreciate the energy conservation and security. The design prevents temperature variations through the metal as well as eliminates condensation problems created by other designs.

Contractors will benefit from lower labor costs of building a buck system and the cost of call backs that occur when treated lumber cups and warps under the strain and weight of poured concrete. It also reduces drywall, carpentry and window installation costs. The streamlined process includes a system that is custom made to clients' specifications. The Thermal Buck is a pre-formed steel, 3-in-1 metal frame that combines the buck and the frame and an internal brace, all in one system, which eliminates waste, speeds door or window installation time, and is customized to fit any specification while the provided returnable internal bracing prevents any movement (shifting or racking of the window and door frames) during the pour and set. And, in line with the industry's green philosophy, the bracing is reusable so HMI offers a refund program for reusable braces which keeps costs down and reduces material and energy waste.

"We have worked with builders, installers and other industry experts to design these products to overcome the challenges they are still facing today using other bucking methods and products," said Hafendorfer.

A "Green" energy efficient design that eliminates waste, reduces labor costs and saves energy. The patented Thermal Buck System sets the bar high for bucking systems used in Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) construction. An innovative solution for energy minded projects, such as schools, hospitals, hotels, office buildings and institutions. See details at

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