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PharmaNutrients Awarded US Patent # 7,208,522 for Method and Composition of CLA for Prevention and Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chicago, IL -- PharmaNutrients ( a leading specialty research and development company, announced today that the US Patent and Trademark Office has awarded US Patent # 7,208,522 utilizing CLA entitled "Methods and compositions for the prevention and treatment of Syndrome X." The patent covers all market segments and applications including food, dietary supplements and pharmaceutical preparations.

A naturally occurring fatty acid found primarily in milk, beef and dairy products, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a mixture of 18:2 fatty acid isomers that have conjugated double bonds. Clinical and animal research indicate CLA helps control plasma lipids, regulate blood glucose, improve body composition and exhibits anti-antherogenic properties.

Dr. Susie Rockway, one of the inventors on the patent, stated "It is exciting that CLA, a naturally occurring compound, exhibits multiple positive affects on the parameters associated with Syndrome X. Not only will it likely target abdominal body fat and help normalize blood sugar, but it may also improve lipid values. I look forward to seeing results from further research on this unique and fascinating fatty acid."

Metabolic Syndrome (formerly known as ‘Syndrome X’) is a collection of risk factors that are linked to increased risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. These symptoms include obesity (particularly abdominal fat), insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high triglycerides and low levels of HDL cholesterol. According to the Center for Disease Control, at least 25% of the adult population in United States may have metabolic syndrome.

Mark Nottoli, president of PharmaNutrients concluded: "This patent adds to our CLA intellectual property portfolio and improves our ability to address the important health issues related to diabetes and cardiovascular disease, conditions that, unfortunately, are expanding at an alarming rate".

About PharmaNutrients, Inc.

Dedicated to creating products to enhance wellness, PharmaNutrients supports research investigating fatty acids and soluble fibers. The company's activities encompass multiple technology platforms focused on creating solutions for obesity-related health issues including weight management, inflammation, diabetes and cardiovascular health. PharmaNutrients researches and validates its intellectual property for license to business partners.

PharmaNutrients is recognized for creating and commercializing CLA with the development of Tonalin CLA, the first nutritional dietary supplement targeted at "Body Composition" and creating the "Fat Binding" category with its Absorbitol brand chitosan complex. PharmaNutrients ( is a privately held company located in the Chicago area.

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