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RAMP Issued Two Seminal Patents to Add to its Growing Portfolio of Content Optimization Intellectual Property

Monday, September 27, 2010

Patents on adaptive metadata systems and timestamped metadata for audio and video add to RAMP’s existing 17 core patents in semantic web technologies

Woburn, MA -- RAMP, the industry’s leading Content Optimization platform for major online media publishers, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued the company two additional patents to its existing portfolio of 17 patents.

The new patents pertain to RAMP’s industry leading core capabilities in the automated creation and use of metadata for digital video and audio content, and dynamic publishing for large-scale web applications. RAMP is the leading provider of choice to major digital media companies, broadcasters and publishers who want to make rich media central to their business models on the web.

“These patents further demonstrate our leadership position in solving critical challenges facing publishers who are building businesses around online video,” said Tom Wilde, CEO of RAMP. “Creating robust, interactive video experiences has become increasingly complicated, as publishers need to consider the Web, mobile, and connected device environments. Metadata provides the critical “currency” to create context around each video, and make it searchable, discoverable, and monetizable.”

Patent No.: US7,801,910 B2, Method and Apparatus for Timed Tagging of Media Content is designed to allow content to be tagged with timed metadata that in turn allows search, engagement and interactivity within timed content such as audio and video files. This seminal patent is central to the use of rich media on the website with the usability of the web.

Patent No.: US7,801,838 B2, Multimedia Recognition System Comprising a Plurality of Indexers Configured to Receive and Analyze Multimedia Data based on Training Data and User Augmentation Relating to One or More of a Plurality of Generated Documents is designed to enable augmentation of a content recognition database, thereby delivering more contextually relevant results for content and also retrain an existing recognition system to adapt to new information for increased efficacy in content recognition across multiple documents.

These patents add to RAMP’s existing portfolio of intellectual property that was initially developed under classified federal research by BBN (subsequently acquired by Raytheon), one of the world’s leading technical research organizations, from which RAMP was spun out in 2006. RAMP’s IP portfolio is based on making large, dynamic publishing environments highly intelligent to users’ contextual needs and their search and browsing behavior. As a result of RAMP’s Content Optimization solutions – comprising Workflow, Discovery, Engagement and Monetization modules – web users enjoy richer and more efficient web experiences, while allowing publishers to maximize the value of their content.

About RAMP

RAMP is an advanced Content Optimization SaaS platform providing publishers’ workflow, discovery and engagement solutions to drive monetization of online content to users’ search and browsing behavior. RAMP offers publishers an open, flexible and modular capability to optimize large amounts of content, including text, audio, video and images, within dynamic publishing environments. As a result, publishers’ content becomes positioned for discovery and precise targeting, both on search engines and within publishers’ own websites. RAMP maximizes the value of publishers’ content while reducing costs.

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