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Pulse~LINK Asserts IP Rights Against Tzero Technologies for Patent Infringement

Friday, June 22, 2007

Suit Seeks Damages and an Injunction to Prevent Tzero from Making, Using, Offering for Sale, and Selling UWB-over-Coax and Wireless HDMI Products

Carlsbad, CA -- Pulse~LINK, Inc., a leading innovator in Ultra Wideband ("UWB") communications, announced today that it has commenced federal litigation against Tzero Technologies of Sunnyvale, California, claiming infringement of Pulse~LINK's patented UWB communications technologies.

Pulse~LINK is the oldest UWB company focused on high-speed commercial communications, and is widely recognized as the pioneer of a broad range of UWB technologies. In 2002, Pulse~LINK was the first to invent and demonstrate UWB over band limited channels such as Coax cables -- an innovation for which Founder & CTO John Santhoff was later recognized by EE Times as Innovator of the Year. In 2005, Pulse~LINK was the first to announce and demonstrate wireless HDMI using JPEG2000. Pulse~LINK was also the first and only UWB Company to pursue whole-home High Definition networking using a combination of wired and wireless UWB. In each instance, Tzero appears to follow later with a flurry of similar announcements. "This company seems to be building its business model based largely upon trying to replicate our innovations," states Bruce Watkins, President & COO of Pulse~LINK. "We believe that Tzero's announced UWB-over-coax, wireless HDMI and similar products that it has developed and have or will introduce into the market directly infringe on a number of our patents."

Given the extensive media coverage and publicly available information about Pulse~LINK's portfolio, Pulse~LINK believes there is no possibility that Tzero could pursue its actions without full knowledge that they are openly infringing Pulse~LINK's Intellectual Property -- and knowingly inducing other companies to do so.

Despite being the senior company in the industry, consistently setting the industry performance bar, and having the most comprehensive body of Intellectual Property in UWB communications worldwide, Pulse~LINK has historically taken an openly collaborative stance within the tumultuous UWB industry. In 2003, Pulse~LINK was the first to propose a Common Signaling Mode within the IEEE and the International Telecommunications Union. The Common Signaling Mode is a method that allows differing technology implementations of UWB to peacefully coexist in an open and diverse UWB technology market.

Pulse~LINK has also previously made written offers to make the Intellectual Property behind Pulse~LINK's CWave® UWB technology available to collaborative industry standards on a RAND basis, similar to the policies behind standards such as WiFi, 1394 technology and others. This includes Pulse~LINK efforts within the IEEE, the UWB Forum, the 1394 Trade Association and more.

"If Tzero or any other company wants to positively collaborate with us to develop open specifications and build products based on CWave technology so that the best possible market and consumer experience can be assured, we are happy to make our Intellectual Property available under commonly practiced industry terms," states John Santhoff, Chief Technology Officer for Pulse~LINK, Inc.

"If we sit by and do nothing while a company like Tzero publicly copies us, others will certainly do the same. There are very strong indications this may already be happening due to Tzero's actions. We had no choice in the matter and were literally pushed into this lawsuit," states Watkins. "Pulse~LINK is simply standing up for its rights and the rights of all innovative companies who make significant patent investments to protect their inventions."

Pulse~LINK is the first semiconductor company to deliver a solution capable of true room-to-room networking of interactive High Definition content from a hybrid wired/wireless chipset. Devices enabled with Pulse~LINK's CWave® UWB chipset allow HD content located anywhere in the home to be shared across the existing coax backbone, and then networked with wireless connectivity in each room for Set-top Boxes, HDTVs, DVRs, DVD players, Gaming Devices, Media Center PCs, and other multimedia equipment. CWave enables HD content to be streamed throughout the home with IPTV functionality and provides End-to-End Quality of Service, while still preserving content protection mechanisms.

About Pulse~LINK, Inc.

Pulse~LINK, Inc. is a privately held Delaware Corporation headquartered in Carlsbad, California, with over 300 issued and pending patents pertaining to UWB wired and wireless communications technology. For additional information about Pulse~LINK, Inc., please visit:

Forward-Looking Statements

Any statements contained in this release that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. All forward-looking statements rely on assumptions and are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from expectations.

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