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Second Patent Award in 45 Days Validates Reality Mobile’s Vision of Mobile Video Collaboration

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Herndon, VA -- Reality Mobile®, a Virginia-based technology company delivering enterprise-class real-time mobile video collaboration solutions, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued to Reality Mobile its second patent, U.S. Patent No. 7,887,502. The patent relates to simultaneous mobile-to-mobile visualization of multiple streaming videos and other data feeds along with their originating geographical location. This award builds on the company's software portfolio, which addresses the mobile video and data visualization collaboration needs of large enterprises, government agencies and technology OEMs. It has significant implications for mobile consumer applications as well.

“Marking a milestone in Reality Mobile’s growth and development, this patent award speaks to the growing importance of and reliance on mobile video, rich media and associated location-based information,” said David Kramer, President & Chief Executive Officer, Reality Mobile and a co-inventor named in the patent. “These patents were forward-thinking when filed more than five years ago in regards to the growing importance and relevance of mobile video and data visualization.”

"We focus very heavily on allowing mobile users to seamlessly share live video and other data in a way that gives each user instant context as to what they are being presented,” added Brian Geoghegan, Reality Mobile’s Executive Vice President, Chief Product Officer and co-inventor named in the patent. “Our first two patent awards highlight location as an important source of user context. For example, with any mobile device—including smartphones, tablets or mobile computers—a user can visualize live feeds from other mobile devices at the same time, each centered over its current location on any mapping display, such as Google Maps, Bing Maps or any GIS/geospatial application. Our patented process covers any streaming data, including video, audio and metadata."

Reality Mobile’s implementation of aspects of the patented technology is optimized to support a wide range of off-the shelf mobile and mobile-computing devices—including a range of popular tablet computers—across virtually any wired or wireless Internet connection, including commercial cellular, WiFi, satellite, and tactical wireless mesh networks. Practically any mobile device application, consumer or enterprise-class, providing push or pull access to multiple real-time streaming mobile data feeds, a user-friendly display and corresponding GPS/GIS information would require this technology.

“As we suspected, the market for this technology has grown rapidly - the explosion of video and rich media on mobile devices and networks has demonstrated what happens when powerful hardware, and the right software are combined with high speed wireless networks,” stated Patrick McVeigh, Chairman, Reality Mobile. “RealityVision is uniquely positioned to deliver, and this patent now broadly protects, our solution for real-time mobile collaboration.“

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About Reality Mobile

Founded in 2003, Reality Mobile is expanding the frontiers of enterprise mobile technology by giving users access to video, data and expertise throughout their organization and around the world at the push of a button. With a focus on meeting the enterprise need for strict security, rigorous manageability, collaboration and real-time decision making, RealityVision allows organizations to simultaneously share multiple information flows in an instant. As a result, users are virtually on-the-ground with their colleagues to proactively address problems and improve employee safety and security, incident response, loss prevention and other critical functions. For more information on Reality Mobile, please visit

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