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MMDS Acquires Patent for Medical Marijuana Patch

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seattle, WA -- Medical Marijuana Delivery Systems LLC announced today that it has acquired the United States Patent rights to the Medical Marijuana Patch. The patent provides MMDS with exclusive rights for development of the Patch for transcutaneous delivery of medical marijuana to humans and animals.

The Patch will be marketed under the trademark TETRACAN and is expected to be available at medical marijuana dispensaries across the United States by year's end.

MMDS future plans include development of manufacturing facilities in Europe for worldwide distribution of TETRACAN to jurisdictions which accept TETRACAN as a holistic, therapeutic adjunctive for management of chronic pain due to arthritis, the side effects of chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis and other chronic conditions.

The TETRACAN Medical Marijuana Patch is the first exclusively controlled and clear departure from marijuana's age-old delivery modality of smoking, and therefore (i) will block any black market product proliferation and non-taxable profiteering; and (ii) will open the door for MMDS research and development of other purely holistic products and delivery modalities.

MMDS is currently in discussions with The Medicine Wheel Project LLC for the distribution of TETRACAN and future associated derivatives in the Medical Marijuana States of California and Colorado.

Walter Cristobal, the Patch's inventor and a member of the Santa Ana Pueblo Tribe of New Mexico, stated, "I am excited to be working with MMDS to finally be able to bring the Patch and other new delivery systems like creams, gels and oils to people and animals in need of chronic pain management."

"MMDS is pleased to be working with Walter Cristobal to help him develop his innovative ideas as MMDS advances the research and development of TETRACAN holistic, therapeutic products," stated Jim Alekson, ADG Market Focus spokesperson for MMDS. "Through the advocacy and marketing efforts of MMDS, TETRACAN will become the dominant identity for Medical Marijuana across the United States and throughout the world." Mr. Alekson further stated that "The industry needs to shed the word 'marijuana,' focus on the holistic, therapeutic pain relief benefits of topical applications and through focused marketing efforts within the 15 Medical Marijuana States, eventually become acceptable to mainstream American society."

About Medical Marijuana Delivery Systems LLC

MMDS is a company devoted to the advancement, research and development of medical marijuana delivery modalities under the trade name TETRACAN.

About The Medicine Wheel Project LLC

The Medicine Wheel Project LLC is a company devoted to the advocacy of Medical Marijuana and advancement of a Medical Marijuana Industry-Wide Association aggregating substance and power in a unified national voice. For additional information, visit

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