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Hemopet Awarded Key Nutrigenomics Pet Food Patent

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Garden Grove, CA – A leader in canine health, Hemopet today secured its fourth patent, US Patent 8,060,354, strengthening the company’s already impressive patent portfolio in the field of nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics essentially involves the design of individualized pet food products. Hemopet’s patent portfolio establishes it as the gatekeeper for nutrigenomic pet food technology in North America.

“Our intellectual property protects and confirms Hemopet as a leader in nutrigenomic pet foods. It validates our being at the forefront of pet food issues and further builds on our philosophy of individualized care for pets.” said Dr. Jean Dodds, President of Hemopet.

This patent is an important addition to Hemopet’s intellectual property portfolio. Hemopet’s business strategy calls for launching nutrigenomic pet food supplements in 2012. These formulas are currently being tested in Europe.

Earlier this year, Hemopet launched Nutriscan, another breakthrough technology for animal diagnostics. This is pet food sensitivity and intolerance diagnostics using saliva and the demand is growing fast. “This testing protocol is also being expanded from the six primary foods to include a total of 20 food antigens commencing in January 2012," says Dodds.

“This is a very exciting time for Hemopet as we lead the way in many areas of pet health. Hemopet’s technology is ground breaking,” said Dodds. “For the first time in veterinary history pets can be diagnosed and treated for food sensitivities on an individual basis. It will simply revolutionize the pet food industry. We consider the dog’s age, breed and size in all our diagnostic technology. Not all dogs are metabolically and genetically alike and our technology provides for individualized care.”

Its newly-patented nutrigenomics pet food patent complements the Nutriscan saliva food sensitivity testing patent. Consumers can obtain more information on NutriScan food sensitivity testing by visiting

About Hemopet

Founded in 1986 as a non-profit animal blood bank and greyhound rescue/adoption program by Dr. Jean Dodds, Hemopet has expanded its services to include comprehensive animal thyroid testing, and pet food sensitivity and intolerance testing. For more information, visit or contact 714-891-2022.

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