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United States Patent Office Issues Broad Content Curation Patent

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New York, NY -- Today, the United States Patent & Trademark Office issued U.S. Patent No. 8,117,545 titled "Hosted video discovery and publishing platform," a wide-ranging patent granting protection over the video curation platform and providing the Company with first-mover advantage and a powerful suite of protected technologies and practices.

In a world where content creation is moving quickly from being ubiquitous to overwhelming, the technology to find, organize, and present content is moving to center stage.

Steven Rosenbaum, an inventor of the technology and the CEO of, said: "When we filed this patent application in 2007, we knew two things for certain; in a world of too-much content, curation would become king, and that consumers would gravitate to publishers who can create distinctive video experiences that embrace content from multiple sources across the web."

Today, Magnify's patented curated video solution is powering more than 90,000 video channels -- including sites from major publishers like New York Magazine, Bonnier, Penton and Meredith. Magnify is also delivering powerful video discovery solutions for brands like Patagonia, and for knowledge-based communities like TEDx.

The patented video curation platform provides a hosted system for any publisher or brand, allowing them to quickly set up and customize a video channel. This channel can be viewed from a web site, mobile device or tablet. The platform includes tools for use by channel site creators to customize the look, feel, and page design.

By providing what the patent calls "subject specific" video channels, both site administrators and individual visitors can search across the web and bring those search results into the channel architecture. Administrators can determine which videos get human review, and which go live automatically. The platform enables a multiplatform search, as well as the characterization of the video discovered according to a user-generated taxonomy.

As video becomes central to all web content, strategies sites, brands, and publishers increasingly need agile and innovative cloud-based solutions to provide seamless integration into their content offerings. "Creating a content strategy for video that can be executed effectively, and profitably, is going to require a more advanced set of solutions than a single embedded video, or providing visitors with a link to a free video collection on an ad supported free-video-hosting site," said Rosenbaum. "The cloud-curation platform is designed to give brands, publishers, and media companies the tools to offer visitors a high-quality curated content environment at a price that gives them the margins they need to build profitable businesses. This patent reflects our leadership in the space."

About platform currently provides video discovery, upload, and encoding to more than 90,000 publishers, ecommerce sites, and communities. Users can deploy a Media 2.0 strategy, enabling them to leverage their best assets and combine them with those curated and uploaded by their community from across the social Web.

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