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Telespree Awarded Patent on Instant Wireless Activation and Provisioning

Friday, July 20, 2007

San Francisco, CA -- Telespree Communications, the leading developer of self-service solutions for wireless carriers and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), today announced that it has received the Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a patent covering an automated system for obtaining secure and immediate wireless access to a telecommunications network. The patent protects the key technology behind Telespree's innovative platform -- a solution that fully automates customer activation including device programming and service enrollment, ongoing account maintenance, rate plan changes and promotions for wireless networks. The technology outlined in the patent also makes a new class of "on-demand" wireless services viable, such as infrequent, For Emergency Only and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) use.

"Every year, wireless operators spend billions of dollars on handset subsidies. In order to recoup these costs, carriers have turned to extended service contracts and have amassed armies of retail and call center agents to support a labor-intensive process," said Bill deKay, CEO for Telespree. "Seeing an opportunity, Telespree developed a self-service technology that allows wireless carriers to significantly lower customer care and retail operations costs, while satisfying the end-user's natural preference for the self-service option. We have broken a major barrier in the evolution of the wireless industry, and paved the way for new business models and wireless devices."

The Notice of Allowance corresponds to U.S. patent application serial number 7,197,301 B2 entitled "METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SECURE IMMEDIATE WIRELESS ACCESS IN A TELECOMMUNICATIONS NETWORK." The patent covers an automated solution that uses existing wireless network messaging infrastructure and protocols to activate and provision a wireless device on existing wireless networks. The invention provides wireless devices with immediate limited or unlimited access to the wireless network. The solution eliminates the need for retail agents, call center agents and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to provide basic device provisioning and activation services. Telespree's technology also supports applications where network resources are used only on demand.

"The wireless business is undergoing radical change right now. We are beginning to see more and more devices (such as notebook computers) that have embedded wireless capability. For this new category of devices, wireless is secondary, usage is less predictable and the monthly subscription model may not always be appropriate," said deKay. "Using Telespree's automated self-service technology, carriers can sell access to their network by the session on a low cost, user-friendly basis. Our technology fosters intermittent wireless use scenarios, such as wireless modems, telemetry transmitters, and emergency-only devices."

The new patent is the fifth patent awarded to Telespree. The technology described in the patent has been successfully deployed commercially in Europe and North America, and has won numerous industry awards including the SUPERCOMM Award for Most Promising Network Technologies in 2003 and the First Place, Cingular Award, in the North American 2005 SIMagine contest for Most Innovative Use of GSM SIM Technology.

About Telespree Communications

Telespree is the leading developer of self-service solutions. Telespree's innovative network solution transforms any wireless device into a convenient customer self-service terminal, allowing carriers and MVNOs to reduce customer and distribution costs while at the same time improving the end-user experience. Telespree has created the industry's first self-service platform for automated activation, programming, service enrollment and ongoing account maintenance using only the device without the aid of a sales clerk, call center or manual processes. To learn more about Telespree, visit

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