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BRS Labs Granted U.S. Patent for Behavioral Recognition System

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Las Vegas, NV -- ISC West - International Security Conference & Expo - Behavioral Recognition Systems, Inc. (BRS Labs), inventor of the world’s first reason-based video surveillance behavior recognition software, has been issued Patent Number 8,131,012 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office covering the company’s unique artificial intelligence based technology that serves as the foundation for its AISight® 3.0 video surveillance software platform. This is one of a series of more than 60 related U.S. Patents that have either been granted, are pending, or are in process.

“The video surveillance technology we have invented is distinctly and materially different from the simple recognition capabilities found in video analytics solutions currently available from a number of vendors in the physical security market,” explained John Frazzini, President of BRS Labs. “Generally speaking, video analytics software receives video data from cameras and issues alerts based on very specific and narrowly defined human programmed rules that have failed to provide operational value in the video surveillance market. In strong contrast to those limited and deteriorating solutions, the patented technology of BRS Labs does not require any human pre-programmed rules, thereby providing an inherently scalable enterprise class software platform to the video surveillance market.”

In 2005, a team of experienced software developers and scientists with backgrounds in computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and theoretical physics began working at BRS Labs to create a technology that would allow computers to autonomously learn to recognize unusual behaviors observed by security cameras and warn security teams about those behaviors.

The results of this work -- the patented AISight® Behavioral Recognition System -- accepts video streams from standard cameras, detects and tracks subjects, characterizes their appearances and properties, classifies them, learns the patterns of behavior they exhibit, remembers those patterns, recognizes behaviors that deviate from those patterns, and alerts the user about those events in real time.

“These advancements would not have been possible ten or fifteen years ago because science didn’t adequately understand how the human brain models and manipulates data, and there wasn’t enough computer power to get the job done,” said Dr. Wesley K. Cobb, Chief Science Officer at BRS Labs. “Now, computers are exponentially faster and we have been successful in developing a method and system for analyzing and learning behavior based on acquired streams of video frames. This was an extremely difficult technical problem to solve, and to our knowledge, no other company has been able to approximate or duplicate what we have done.”

U.S. Patent Number 8,131,012, issued to BRS Labs earlier this month, covers the invention of using artificial intelligence learning modules to recognize behavior patterns in a video stream to identify objects and events that are unusual. BRS Labs has also trademarked the term “Behavioral Recognition™” to describe this invention and revolutionary method of analyzing and learning behavior based on streaming video data.

In addition to the behavioral recognition system patent, other BRS Labs intellectual property filings cover technical breakthroughs in background models, detection, tracking, object characterization, classification, scene characterization, target matching, techniques for unsupervised learning of spatial and temporal behavior, long term associative memories, anomaly detection using long-term memories, sudden illumination change, scene preset identification, trajectory learning, trajectory anomaly detection, spatial and temporal anomaly detection, clustering techniques in self organizing maps, classification anomalies, semantic representation of scene content, and a cognitive model for behavior recognition.

BRS Labs will be displaying their revolutionary AISight 3.0 surveillance software at the upcoming ISC International Security Technology Conference & Exhibition (Booth #22071) from March 28 to 30 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

"Our now patented behavioral recognition system technology is deployed in very prominent security surveillance installations to protect the safety of millions of citizens and employees across multiple vertical markets," added BRS Labs President John Frazzini.

About AISight

AISight, created by BRS Labs, is the industry's first and only behavioral recognition solution for video surveillance. The software learns and memorizes both behavioral patterns and objects in very diverse and complex environments. Using patented processes similar to human cognition, AISight analyzes visual data by combining behavioral analytics and machine learning to take input from existing video security cameras (no need to change equipment), recognize and identify objects in each frame, and pass that data to a machine learning engine. That engine “learns” what activity is normal for each unique camera view, and when observed behavior falls outside what is normal for an environment, alerts are generated. No human intervention is required to pre-define parameters for the software to recognize specific behavior or objects. AISight autonomously reports unusual or suspicious behaviors based on memories it has acquired over time, significantly reducing the risk of missed events and increasing efficiency and scalability. This disruptive, patented technology is unique in the physical security industry and essentially renders previously developed, legacy video analytics solutions obsolete.

About BRS Labs

BRS Labs is pushing the envelope of physical security and surveillance technology, widening the scientific capabilities for behavioral analytics across a wide range of security applications in multiple international markets. Serving clients with enterprise-class video surveillance networks in government, mass transit, infrastructure, and other commercial markets, BRS Labs is headquartered in Houston, with offices in Washington, London, Sao Paulo, and Barcelona. For more information, please visit

AISight® is a registered trademark, and Behavioral Recognition™ is a trademark of Behavioral Recognition Systems, Inc. Any other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

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