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CardinalCommerce Grows International and US Patent Portfolio With Additional Patent Awards

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Mentor, OH -- CardinalCommerce, the world leader in enabling remote commerce (internet, mobile, etc.), announced that it has secured additional intellectual property protection in Australia and the United States. The Australian patent office and the United States patent office have awarded patents 2006309231 and US 8,140,429 B2 respectively. These patents help protect the concept of enabling payment brands that use authentication, either directly or through gateways, shopping carts, processors, web terminals, order management or airline reservation systems.

"We have worked with Cardinal for more than a decade to create, strengthen, and grow their globally protective intellectual property portfolio," said Patrick R. Roche of Fay Sharpe LLP, a nationally prominent intellectual property law firm. "From inception, Cardinal had the foresight to invest in their technology and intellectual property. We are comfortable that its portfolio is broad, comprehensive and expanding. With these two patents in particular, the claims bolster Cardinal's coverage to more specifically include suppliers of services to merchants and further extend the company's protection to a broader range of transaction types."

"Merchants, gateways and other service providers recognize the value proposition that we offer," stated Eric Goodman, Cardinal's Vice President, Global Merchant Solutions. "They look to us to help them with their payment needs, now and in the future, no matter how technology evolves or how many ways there are to pay. Our most appreciative Customers are frequently those that have used another supplier or attempted to enable brands themselves."

"Enabling merchants to accept the proliferating new payment brands for remote commerce, especially those that use authentication, is what we do best," said Mike Keresman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cardinal. "It is reassuring to know that the US and international patent offices have awarded us 25 patents to protect the mission-critical function we perform: enabling merchants and/or their service providers worldwide. We anticipate that our satisfied Customers, demonstrated experience, and intellectual property will encourage others to use our systems. Our intellectual property and established technology capabilities combine to 'future proof' our Customer's needs."

Cardinal's patent portfolio now includes 25 issued patents and more than 60 patent applications pending.

About CardinalCommerce

CardinalCommerce has been a pioneer in the remote payments industry since 1999 and is a branded global leader in enabling authenticated payment transactions in the electronic commerce and remote commerce markets.

Cardinal's SaaS software platforms for merchants, banks, processors and transaction supply chain providers create friction-free interoperability among otherwise disparate and incompatible operating systems. Cardinal's platforms enable technology-neutral authentication across a wide range of applications. The Company's proprietary, patented solutions easily facilitate the addition of new technology for remote distribution channels through a single connection. This allows merchants to securely accept payments from the entire financial transaction ecosystem.

The universe of payments spans from traditional credit and debit card brands like MasterCard and Visa, to established and emerging alternative payment brands like PayPal, Green Dot, and Alipay. In accommodating this growing number of payment brands and methods, and these technology and authentication approaches within legacy infrastructure, Cardinal's platforms serve as universal switches, supporting virtually all merchant platforms, wallets, processing systems and authentication methodologies.

CardinalCommerce is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and services a worldwide Customer base from facilities in the United States, Europe and Africa. For more information, visit

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