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Arisdyne Systems Awarded Second Patent on Ethanol Yield Improvements Using Low Energy

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cleveland, OH -- Arisdyne Systems Inc., announces the award of patent approval by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the apparatus and method of increasing alcohol yield from grain using controlled flow cavitation. Patent 8,143,460 was issued on March 27, 2012 to assignee Arisdyne Systems, Inc. and inventor Oleg Kozyuk. This follows on and reinforces the claims of a related application of controlled flow cavitation Patent 7,667,082.

"We have worked diligently, with the help of our engineering and scientific teams, to develop sound intellectual property around our hydrodynamic controlled flow cavitation technology," said Oleg Kozyuk, CTO and founder of Arisdyne. "The patent, issued by the USPTO, validates the unique nature of our company and the approaches we are taking to improve ethanol yield through simple, small footprint, energy efficient, retrofit solutions. We will continue to expand patent portfolio coverage as we develop more inventions."

The most recent patent is for the apparatus and method for increasing alcohol yield from grain, in a starch-to-ethanol production process using hydrodynamic controlled flow cavitation. The patent recognizes Arisdyne's unique ability to depolymerize the grain by uniquely exposing entrapped starches, thereby increasing the rate of liquefaction of the starch. Simply put, this enables ethanol plants to increase their ethanol yield.

"This announcement further validates Arisdyne's intellectual property foundation and reinforces Arisdyne's technology credibility in new areas for our business," said Peter Reimers, Chief Executive Officer of Arisdyne Systems, Inc. "The USPTO again recognizes Arisdyne's leading position and our contribution to yield enhancement options for the ethanol industry through particle size shift. This is an important milestone and a victory for our company and its shareholders."

"In the current economic environment, the significance of process yield enhancement to the green, bioenergy market has become increasingly important," said Fred Clarke, Executive Vice President. "Our customers can now improve their yield knowing the Arisdyne system uniquely exposes bound starch, is energy efficient, and is essentially maintenance free; mere grinding with multiple or heavy-duty mechanical systems offer none of these attributes. In addition, Arisdyne's system is now fortified by two ethanol specific patents."

About Arisdyne Systems, Inc.

Arisdyne Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of retrofit equipment and value-creating services for fuel ethanol, biodiesel, and biogas producers. For more information, call 216-458-1991, ext. 482 or visit the company website at

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