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Arroweye Solutions Patents Digital On-Demand Technology

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chicago, IL -- Arroweye Solutions, a card marketing and production partner, today announced it has been awarded a patent for its digital on-demand technology. The patent protects Arroweye's vertically-integrated, digital on-demand model and the technology that allows the company to accurately manufacture, personalize and encode payment cards throughout each step of the manufacturing and encoding process.

"The awarding of this patent represents a huge momentum shift as the industry recognizes how popular Arroweye's technology has become," said Render Dahiya, Arroweye Solutions CEO. "Other card production companies have been unsuccessful in trying to mimic our technology because they can't match our flexibility, speed to market, accuracy and quality."

Arroweye's proprietary technology enables the production of payment cards on-demand, or "just in time," by combining unique cards on sheets of plastic core, a dramatic shift from traditional card production methods. Cards with custom designs associated with various networks, containing unique magnetic stripe data, and varying load amounts can all be produced together, on-demand in the company's secure production facility. This capability is the driving force behind Arroweye's vendor approvals from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and, most recently, American Express.

"At our heart, we're a technology company," added Dahiya. "This is the eighth technology patent we've been awarded, and we see it as validation of the innovative services and value we provide to our partners."

Issuers and program managers benefit from Arroweye's digital on-demand production model because there is no inventory to manage, giving issuers the opportunity to broadly expand the number of designs with no minimum order size and no risk associated with spoilage or stock-outs. An on-demand model also allows program managers to meet demand as needed, without being penalized financially for missing forecasts. Arroweye's latest patent includes the on-demand production of chip enabled cards, where having zero inventory provides even greater value for issuers and program managers since card cost and inventory risk is more substantial.

About Arroweye Solutions, Inc.

Arroweye is a card marketing and production partner that provides just-in-time, highly customized plastic gift, incentive and payment cards and carriers. With a unique combination of web-based design tools and on-demand manufacturing and personalization capabilities, Arroweye is the first fully-digital provider of plastic within the open-loop and closed-loop payments industries. Arroweye is the only company approved by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express to manufacture and personalize payment cards on-demand. The company also provides gifting solutions, including customized greeting cards and a suite of stored value retail gift card solutions. Arroweye was founded in 2000 and is based in Chicago, IL. For more information, visit

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