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Shoplogix Granted Patent for Advanced Machine Monitoring System

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oakville, Ontario -- Shoplogix, a leading developer of real-time performance management (RPM) solutions, today announced that the company has been granted a Canadian patent for its self-contained machine monitoring system. The unique patented technology, known as Plantnode®, is an embedded software solution that combines software and hardware to offer the most robust and comprehensive RPM solutions for discrete and hybrid manufacturers. Plantnode connects directly to plant equipment to automate the data management process which includes collecting, storing and analyzing real- time production data; then presents the information ways that are meaningful to operators, management and performance improvement teams. Using this accurate real-time data, manufacturers are able to accelerate continuous improvement initiatives across their enterprise.

The basis for effective Continuous Improvement programs such as Lean or Six Sigma is the availability and the access to reliable machine data. There are typically two approaches to data collection employed by manufacturers today. The first approach involves manual data collection and analysis - a completely paper based system. The second approach also uses data that is collected manually, but requires machine operators to input data estimates into a PC before it can be analyzed in an external database or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Manufacturers realize that both approaches produce inaccurate data and limit the potential for meaningful analysis and effective decisions.

Shoplogix's patented Plantnode solution eliminates manual processes in production. By fully automating data collection and analysis at the machine level and then presenting data in real-time, Plantnode reports and analytics are based on fact rather than estimate. Access to reliable information is immediate and actionable to operators, management, and performance improvement teams, on a per machine or plant-wide basis.

Shoplogix's patented approach allows the solution to be implemented quickly without layers of customization or integration. Since Plantnode connects directly to equipment on the plant floor, the capture and flow information is not dependent on corporate networks, thereby minimal IT resources are required to be completely operational.

Plantnode drives immediate value through an LED display board, which provides machine operators with a continuous real-time display of equipment, job and shift performance. This component of the solution leverages operator experience to increase uptime, quality and efficiency while reducing waste and costs. In addition, proactive alerts and notifications reduce response time, wait time and decrease unplanned downtime. In addition to the immediate benefits of the LED boards, Continuous Improvement teams are able to use the real-time information to deliver on the promises of Lean and Six Sigma, providing dramatic increases in plant performance.

"This patent not only reinforces our technological innovation, it also demonstrates our ongoing commitment to deliver ground-breaking solutions that help our customers realize dramatic performance improvements", says Kevin Dwyer, President and CEO of Shoplogix.

"This patented technology employs a very unique approach to address a gap that has existed in manufacturing for decades. We're inspired by the dramatic and rapid results our customers are achieving with Plantnode and we remain dedicated to delivering solutions that deliver real, quantifiable value", says Steve Celestini, VP Product Strategy and CTO of Shoplogix.

About Shoplogix

Shoplogix enables manufacturers to drive immediate, quantifiable improvements to output and profitability by providing operators, supervisors and management with real-time visibility into plant equipment performance. By delivering a visual display of real-time equipment performance above assets on the plant floor, Shoplogix empowers operators to take action that increases uptime, quality and efficiency while reducing waste and costs. Shoplogix customers report rapid payback, and typically set production records within days of implementation.

For more information, visit or contact Hellen Budaya Pileski at

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