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U.S. Patent Awarded to Pop Test, LLC for Non-Invasive Saliva Based Glucose Test

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Cliffside Park, NJ -- The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office awarded Pop Test, LLC its first patent, # 7,824,344, Method and Apparatus for Non-Invasive Analysis of Saliva. Pop Test is currently conducting clinical studies to obtain FDA approval. The patented system greatly enhances and simplifies the monitoring of glucose for diabetics.

The Pop Test product is a testing platform that provides a simple, self-administered, inexpensive, sensitive, non-invasive saliva test for monitoring of blood glucose in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. As simple to use as a child’s lollipop, the Glucose Pop Test detects glucose over the full range from hypoglycemia (equivalent to blood as low as 10mg/dL) to hyperglycemia levels.

Clinical testing and further optimization has resulted in a device that can not only replace blood based strips for Type 1 diabetics but provide Type 2 diabetics with a means of daily monitoring. This will enable people with diabetes to control their condition instead of being controlled by it.

The company has expanded its Intellectual Property to include rapid response saliva-based testing devices for a variety of constituents. Platforms in development include:

Platform 2: Cholesterol Pop Test™
Platform 3: Stress (Cortisol) Pop Test™
Platform 4: Alcohol Pop Test™
Platform 5: Drug Presence Pop Test™
Platform 6: Pregnancy Pop Test™
Platform 7: Ketone levels Pop Test™

“The Pop Test device will be a tremendous benefit to the millions of people who are afflicted with diabetes around the world,” said Randi Altschul, inventor and founder of Pop Test, LLC. “Consumers will be able to monitor their health condition at home with a simple, affordable and painless self testing device that uses saliva reliably instead of blood.”

According to Medical Director, Dr. Neil Theise: “Clinical Feasibility Trials have proven the device to be easy to use, giving reproducible, accurate results. The Clark Error Grid analysis has shown accuracy levels = 95.9%. These tests demonstrate a strong correlation between salivary glucose and blood glucose throughout the full range of clinically relevant levels. The Pop Test Glucose device is placed to become the first clinically useful, saliva-based, non-invasive test to monitor glycemic control in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics.”

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