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Cigital CTO Gary McGraw Serves as Guest Editor for the Latest Issue of Computing Now

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Special Issue Focuses on Innovation, Technology Transfer, and Entrepreneurship

Dulles, VA -- Cigital Inc., a leading software security consulting firm announced today that the company’s CTO, Dr. Gary McGraw, is the guest editor of the latest issue of Computing Now. This special issue brings together articles from several different corners of the IEEE Computer Society portfolio to address a common theme: innovation, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship.

Innovation, tech transfer, and entrepreneurship is a hot topic in board rooms and classrooms alike. It's made its way into major technical conferences, including the upcomingRSA Conference as well. And, ironically, about the only thing everyone agrees on is that tech transfer from the lab to global availability is nontrivial.

For this special issue, Dr. McGraw gathers five articles that shed some light on the difficulties of tech transfer. He includes a piece he authored for IEEE Software, Technology Transfer: A Software Security Marketplace Case Study, where he discusses a real example of success to examine the challenges that tech transfer poses in terms of time scale, budget, and dedication. He also features articles that discuss the kinds of innovation that software creates; the efforts needed to teach innovation and entrepreneurship; and how to harness employee innovation. See more details on the special issue here.

“Tech transfer is an important part of the high technology engine for economic growth on the planet,” said Dr. McGraw, Cigital CTO. “As computer security evolves beyond operations to building security in, we look to entrepreneurs to carry ideas from the lab to the marketplace.”

If you're interested and motivated by the articles presented in this issue, join Dr. McGraw in San Francisco at the RSA Conference. He will moderate a panel discussion on Innovation and Technology Transfer in Security. Distinguished panel members include Peter Denning, Brian Chess, Carl Landwehr, and Paul Kocher. Listen to a short promo for the panel here.

About Cigital

Cigital, Inc. is the leading software security consulting firm in the world. Established in 1992, Cigital plans and implements initiatives that help organizations ensure their applications are secure and reliable while also improving how they build and deploy software. Our recognized experts apply a combination of proven methodologies, tools, and best practices to meet each client’s unique requirements. Cigital is headquartered outside Washington, D.C. with regional offices in the U.S., Europe, and India. For more information visit:

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