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Lighthouse IP Group Announces Launch of New Version of its Acclaimed English Language Chinese Patent Database

Friday, February 10, 2012

Lighthouse IP Group (LHIP), a leading supplier of intellectual property information, announced today a new version of its acclaimed English language Chinese patent database on to the market. Lighthouse IP Group has developed a proprietary Machine Translation (MT) tool especially designed for patent translation based upon the hybrid approach to MT. The hybrid approach to machine translation combines rule and statistical based translation methods for maximum advantage. Lighthouse IP Group has built upon a licensed machine translation engine to create specialist translation models based around IPC (International Patent Classification) domains and utilizing its extensive in house corpus of patent specific terminology and bi-lingual technical dictionaries for Chinese to English translations.

Building the technical dictionaries is a continuous task for anyone involved with patent translation activities. Patents often provide the very first written publication about any aspect of an invention, and so new terminology may be used by the inventor in the description and claims. This presents particular challenges for those developing machine translation tools for patents.

“The new LHIP MT production, introduced in January 2012, will allow us to make regular updates to the MT engine taking account of evolving terminology and improving the resulting translations for all our customers” explained Gert Frackenpohl, Director of Infrastructure. “The MT engine also provides a faster throughput, allowing us to produce the English version within seven days of publication of the original Chinese patent documents (Applications A, Granted patents B, and Utility Models, U). In the first week of January LHIP translated over 6,000 patent Applications, 3,000 Granted patents and 8,000 Utility models.

The new translation model is based around linguistic rules and statistical translation models; and the resulting English MT will always contain the most appropriate English words within every section of the patent document - description, claims, and background (prior art). This is important for our customers who are relying on the weekly translation of documents in their domain to get a rapid understanding of the latest technological advances to inform their own R&D or competitive intelligence requirements.

For patentability and freedom to operate investigations the Lighthouse IP Group Chinese database provides the full text and legal status of patents and utility models published under the new Chinese Law since 1985.

Lighthouse IP Group supplies weekly bulk updates of Chinese patent applications, granted patents and utility models, with full legal status information to its customers. In addition to Chinese Lighthouse IP Group also translates, using the most appropriate machine translation engines, Russian and Japanese patents to English.

About Lighthouse IP Group

Lighthouse IP Group, founded in 2006, and headquartered in The Netherlands, employees over 600 people, and has production facilities in Beijing and Chengdu, China, Cebu, The Philippines, Bangkok, Thailand and Hanoi, Vietnam.

We aim to be an essential partner to our clients’ business growth. To meet the demands of our customers we combine smart technologies with business intelligence and offer a full range of services: Translation Services, Data Processing, Online Data Services, Intellectual Property solutions, Virtual Employee services, Outsourcing services and Software Development.

Our staff are college graduates in many technological and scientific fields and with language skills. We have native speakers of Chinese, English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai. We help transform your knowledge assets “from Information to Understanding”℠.

For more information on Lighthouse IP Group visit:

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