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Monday, September 30, 2013

Personalized Media Communications, LLC ("PMC") has filed a patent suit in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware against, Inc. ("Amazon"), and Amazon Web Services, LLC ("AWS"), involving nine PMC patents.

The complaint alleges that Amazon, the world's largest online retailer, and AWS, which makes, uses and sells systems and methods for remote computing services, including for example, the Amazon CloudFront, S3, and EC2 products and services, infringe PMC's fundamental targeted broadcast and signal inventions.

The complaint also states that defendants Amazon and AWS's customers directly infringe some of the patents through use of defendant Amazon's Kindle, Kindle App and/or website to purchase and receive electronic media, and through Defendant AWS's products and services, including Amazon CloudFront. Judge Richard G. Andrews has been assigned to the case. PMC is demanding a jury trial. For a copy of the complaint, click here.

The nine patents named in the suit are United States Patent Nos. 5,887,243, 7,801,304, 7,805,749, 7,940,931, 7,769,170, 7,864,956, 7,827,587, 8,046,791, 7,783,252.

The patents cover the use of control and information signals embedded in electronic media content to generate output for display that is personalized and relevant to a user. The patents disclose and claim many different aspects of this basic functionality. Some examples include controlled access of media content, personalized content based on individual attributes, management of downloading technologies, network management, control of targeted advertising, and purchase of media and other products.

PMC owns and licenses a portfolio of 57 patents that cover inventions it has developed internally over a 30 year period. All of PMC's patents have either a 1981 or 1987 priority date and will not start to expire until 2027.

"Many years of time and labor went into developing our inventions and securing the patents that permit their practice," said PMC chief inventor John C. Harvey who founded the company in 1981. "It wouldn't be right to sit by and allow them to be infringed.", Inc. and its other sellers offer millions of new, refurbished and used items in categories such as Books; Movies, Music & Games; Digital Downloads. Amazon Web Services provides Amazon's developer customers with access to in-the-cloud infrastructure services based on Amazon's own back-end technology platform, which developers can use to enable virtually any type of business.

About Personalized Media Communications

Personalized Media Communications owns a fundamental intellectual property portfolio developed over thirty years by its chief inventor and founder John C. Harvey. The patents cover the use of control and information signals embedded in electronic media content to generate output for display.

All 57 of the company's active patents have either 1981 or 1987 priority dates as a result of patent office delays in re-examining them. They will not begin to expire until 2027. PMC's inventions are platform agnostic. They can be delivered via the Internet, intranet, cellular wireless or cable/satellite networks, and run on PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, set-top boxes, televisions, game consoles, and other electronic-media delivery systems. Licensees include Cisco Systems and Motorola Mobility. For more information visit

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