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Patent Increases Advertising by 50%, January Auction by IpAuctions, Inc.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Advertising has limits with the traditional 3-sided prism billboard called Tri-Vision in use today; limited to three ad campaigns and viewable on one side of a billboard at a time. Imagine the ability to present four different ad campaigns utilizing BOTH SIDES of a billboard. This patented design presented for auction by IpAuctions, Inc. accomplishes this increasing revenue an additional 25% with a fourth panel and a 50% increased exposure.

Engineering challenges of the clashing or colliding of the corners of the prisms during rotation has been an issue for billboard designs. The solution is addressed specifically in this patented design. The 4-sided panels ‘off-set’ themselves before rotation, then smoothly slide back into position after rotation. This creates four ‘advertising’ panel sets, allowing the ability to show two campaigns at one time and utilizing both sides of a billboard. Integrating LED technology into the panels can be simply accomplished, increasing the visual impact. Cost is reduced and profit increased by utilizing already existing tri-face systems which could easily switch to this multi-side system using their existing maintenance equipment. Increase exposure by 50% when creating advertising on both sides of a billboard, turning wasted surface space into additional marketing and revenue, something that cannot be done with the traditional Tri-Vision engineering.

With 98% of residents using our roadways, 71% of the population in the United States notices the advertising messages on roadside billboards. In this fast paced society so many roadways demand the outdoor advertising industry match the needs of both advertising clients and the busy consumer.

IpAuctions had made available a 12 page product portfolio as well as a demonstration highlighting this system shown on video.

Visit Lot# 1230

Register to bid here. IpAuctions does not charge a buyer’s premium.

Auction is set to run January 28th noon PST through to January 30th, noon PST.

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